SBS introduces new high-end disc brake pad


The bike industry's ongoing product development with upgrade of engine performance, frame, suspension, tire technology as well as electronic riding and braking aid systems, calls for a new generation of brake components.

The SBS EVO Sinter meets this challenge. It is a sintered brake pad developed to meet modern bike technology.

It appeals to bikers usually preferring OEM replacement parts. With  EVO Sinter, SBS is offering a competitive alternative with comparable performance, riding comfort and durability.

Conductive sintering
The EVO Sinter pads are manufactured with advanced production technology featuring conductive sintering (direct hot pressing), where the material is heated up by electrical current resulting in an excellent and homogeneous brake pad material.

Unique retention system
The EVO Sinter brake pad also features advanced friction material bonding technology: The NRS system, which is a mechanical bonding method based on a matrix of steel hooks raised on the backing plate. These mold into the friction material creating an indestructible and corrosion safe mechanical bond without any use of adhesives.

For the rider, the new SBS EVO Sinter offers crucial advantages:

  • Strong initial bite that gives instant brake feeling
  • Easy modulation and powerful in-stop performance
  • Fade free also under extreme conditions
  • Consistent, reliable brake performance throughout product lifetime
  • Durable and with low disc wear.

The range

The introduction range of SBS EVO Sinter includes almost 30 reference numbers for modern adventure, roadster, sport and touring bikes.

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